Facebook ads – Understanding 3 types of campaign and 4 types of tests

Facebook ads can help businesses grow their audience base. Using facebook ads allows customers to find the product they want much easier and in a very short time. The ads attract potential customers so that business growth is ensured every day by using facebook ads for marketing purposes. Social media is a great source of finding potential clients because it has been proven that social networks lead to higher numbers of visitors. With facebook advertising, businesses can encourage their customers to visit or attend events as well as buy the products they portray on social platforms such as facebook.

Facebook ads are the best way to extend your brand reach quickly.The strategy allows brands and business owners to create ads that reach more than 200 million facebook users every month.They also offer premium plans for growing their presence on instagram, youtube and linkedin. Facebook ads is the biggest ad network which you can use to promote your products or services. Facebook ads will increase your sales by 30% which makes it one of the most powerful marketing tool for any business.

The main objective of facebook advertising, from an advertiser’s point of view, is to get the users’ attention on the ads they have posted in order for them to get interested enough in something or someone. In this way, people will then either come back and visit your page themselves or become customers by liking your page so you can increase sales numbers because more people who like your business/product see

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach out to your target audience and give them a reason to buy from you. Facebook Advertising has been picking up speed globally as most people have become users of facebook, the advertising platform that owns almost 50% of all time spent on mobile devices. As facebook grows in size with its latest acquisition spree, it is only obvious that facebook advertisement will grow along with it too!

We’ll take a trip into the future to see what Facebook advertising will look like in 2022. This blog will helps you understand how Facebook can give you an edge over your competition, and offers key content from that shows how to use it properly and creating right type of campaigns

There are two main campaign structures when it comes to running Prospecting ads.

ABO – Automatic Bid Optimization

CBO – Campaign Budget Optimization

DPA – Dynamic Product Ads

ABO – Automatic Bid Optimization

  • ABO involves budgets that are denoted at the Ad set level, allowing for more control of budget / spend.
  • This campaign structure is useful to guarantee that there will be total ad spend through a chosen campaign to that specific ad set.
  • It can also be helpful for when you have a test that you want to determine actual results from.
  • The ABO campaign structure is a more “manual” approach and involves turning off the CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) feature.

CBO – Campaign Budget Optimization

  • CBO involves budgets at the Campaign level, and it allows Facebook’s algorithm to spend across all ad sets used.
  • This is helpful to leverage Facebook’s learning and

algorithm across your ad sets to make decisions on

where to spend it.

  • It’s effectively you saying, “Hey Facebook, you choose where to spend the money.” In other words, CBO will do the work for you.
  • Your budget will be dynamically distributed across the multiple ad sets within the campaign.
  • Another upside of the CBO campaign structure is that you don’t have to manage multiple budgets manually. Each of these Campaign Structures has its pros and cons. For now, you should understand the fundamental differences, read more about them on Facebook’s documentation, and determine which is best for your business.

Now, let’s talk about a 3rd campaign structure: • DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) DPA campaigns pull content automatically from your product/service pages to show people custom messaging based on their Pixel behavior. If you have multiple service offerings, multiple digital products, or have a multi-SKU ecommerce store, then DPA is for you. Let’s imagine someone has visited your site, browsed around, maybe even added something to their cart – but hasn’t become a customer yet, and navigated away from your site. DPA allows you to show them another Remarketing Ad displaying the exact product/service they were looking at, giving you another chance to convince them to buy.


  • Dynamic Creative Testing (DCT) 
  • Asset Iterative Testing (AIT) 
  • Manual Testing 
  • Landing Page Testing

DYNAMIC CREATIVE TESTING (DCT) – DCT involves multi-variations of testing. You can test Personas, New Asset groupings, etc. to see which are your top performers. Downside to DCT is you don’t have as much “social proof influence” — typically you’d have all the Comments and Likes on a given ad shown, to persuade others to engage with it. But with DCT you need to re-launch the ad anew, which wipes out the social proof each time. DCT TIPS • No more than 5 variations in total – Creative Only (hold copy constant) – Copy Only (hold creative constant) • Batch together image ads only or video ads only, vs. images and videos mixed together • Can only use one URL • Organize your tests by Angle or Offer, so you can easily see which is the winning ad

ASSET ITERATIVE TESTING – (AIT) • Asset Iterative Testing (AIT) also called Isolated Asset Testing (IAT) • Goal: Test the creative assets themselves (image or video) to find the winning creative, and take more control of your budget. • Unlike DCT, with AIT you get to keep the social proof / comments on the ad, migrate it over, and keep all the learnings.

MANUAL TESTING • In the video lesson I walk through Cost Cap Testing with an ABO campaign, because it’s the most consistent at producing results for you. • The other types of Manual Tests include: – Target Cost – Bid Cap • But you will likely have a lack of volume to produce results with these other 2 tests. • Find Your AOV of the product • Best audience • Best creative 1-3 • Spread Cost Cap across $2-$3 increments.

LANDING PAGE TESTING • Goal: Test different landing pages to combine with your best performing audiences and creative/copy, to find a winning combination. • Always do this in ABO (Automatic Budget Optimization) 

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