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Workshop Starts On : 12th June 2022


Are you someone who is looking to,

Learn all about Facebook ads from beginners to advanced

Finally, start generating profits from your Facebook ad campaigns

Get ‘done-for-you’ templates & checklist to build funnels quickly without wasting any time

Then this workshop is exactly what you will need to make Facebook ads profitable for your business irrespective of the industry your business belongs to


From the desk of Shibaram Mishra,
CEO, Buzet Web & Digital

Dear Business Owners & Marketers,

What is the one reason you are not able to generate profits through Facebook ads?

when I ask this question to my clients, most of them reply with

“I am getting leads but not able to convert them”

“ROAS is too low for my eCommerce Store”

“Facebook Ads are not profitable after iOS Update!”

“There is too much competition, I can’t match my competitor”
what most business owners don’t realise is,

The no 1 reason why you are not able to generate profits from your Facebook ads campaign is because your funnel is not optimised or built in a way to help you get profits from Facebook ads

Confused? Let me explain,

to run profitable Facebook ad campaigns it’s not only essential to create high convertible ad copies & graphics but also ensure,

The offer that you are providing is in sync with what your audience wants

right automation is set up at the proper stages of the funnel to nurture & convert potential customers to customers

faster loading speed of landing page or the website where you are collecting leads

And much more…

But here’s the truth,

Facebook ads can be profitable if you plan, build, implement and monitor a funnel – from idea to sales, to profit by simply following,

Understand Your Business And Customers – Identify the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of your business and identify the factors that influence the buying decisions of your customers

Understand What Your Customers Are Looking For – If you can identify when your customers say YES and when they say NO is the key. Analyzing the different touchpoints and both progress and dropouts is important

Craft An Offer Your Customer Can’t Say No To – Once you know what they want, don’t just fulfil the demand, delight, and Wow them with an offer they will feel stupid to say no to and you are done

Launch It On Facebook And Let The Show Begin – Present your offer in a simple but effective way, multi-touch your target audience, and take them through the funnel. BINGO! You are all set

And this is exactly what I will be covering in the 4 weeks workshop as I take you through the process and steps to achieve profit from Facebook Ad Campaigns with a funnel. You not only get good leads but also get profit.

And, all the strategies discussed in the workshop are based on my 4 years of experience working with 300+ business owners across different industries.

Hence all of the content is practical knowledge that has been personally tested by me for myself and my clients in my marketing agency and we have got great results.


The Profitable Facebook Full Funnel LIVE Workshop

4 weeks step-by-step workshop on understanding what are funnels and how you can build a Facebook ads funnel specific to your business that not only helps you to generate leads/sales but also profits

By the end of the 4 weeks of the workshop, you’ll be able to,

Workshop Starts On : 12th June 2022


Here’s what students have to say

Module #1 – The Funnel BLAST Foundation

Mapping out a plan for the right way to publish Facebook ad campaigns

Deep dive into understanding your business USP

Understanding your key metrics to measure your campaign performance

Competitor analysis and learning what your competitors are doing in the market

Module #2 – The Full-Funnel Facebook Ads Training

80+ recorded videos for instant access covering the basics of full-funnel marketing (check the video above for more details)

  1. Your Business One Pager
  2. Set SMART Goals
  3. What is Full-Funnel Marketing?
  4. Choosing your Funnel Type
  5. The Full-Funnel Marketing Checklist
  6. Micro Understanding your Customer
  7. Draw a Multi Path Buyer’s Journey
  8. Create Multi Path Messaging
  9. Choose Channels and Define Goals
  10. Create a Customer Engagement Model
  11. Draw your Full-Funnel Map
  12. Understanding Facebook Ads
  13. Facebook Ad Objectives
  14. Defining the Audience
  15. Create Content Buckets
  1. Understanding Facebook Audiences
  2. Audience Targeting With Facebook
  3. Saved / New Audiences
  4. Custom Audiences
  5. Look Alike Audiences
  6. Audience Inclusion and Exclusion
  7. Mixing and Matching Audiences Types
  8. Facebook Branding and Awareness Ads
  9. Facebook Traffic Ads
  10. Facebook Engagement Ads
  11. Facebook Lead Ads
  12. Facebook App Promotion Ads
  13. Facebook Sales Ads
  1. Create Your Landing Page
  2. Write Copy That Converts (CTC)
  3. Create Messaging Sequences (be prepared to reply)
  4. Write Ad Copies for Different Funnel Layers
  5. Create Images for Different Funnel Layers
  6. Creating Videos for Different Funnel Layers
  7. Facebook Dynamic Ads
  1. Creating Ad Sequences
  2. Campaign Types – CBO – ABO
  3. Creating the Campaign Structure
  4. Allocating Campaign Budget
  5. Matching Audience to Ad Types
  6. How Broad or How Narrow to go?
  7. Ad Placement Hacks
  8. Ad Tracking
  9. All about PIXELs
  10. Conversion API – the Game Changer
  11. Custom Conversions
  12. Verifying your Domain
  13. Event Mapping
  14. Custom Events
  15. Ad Scheduling
  16. Campaign type – Auction Vs Reach & Frequency
  17. Ad Rules
  1. Key KPIs to know
  2. How to know good or bad
  3. How long to wait before you analyze
  4. The Fake Performance Indicators
  5. Understanding Reports
  6. Understanding Ad Manager for Excel
  1. Budget Optimisation
  2. Creative Fatigue Removal
  3. What to do when an ad does not perform
  4. Overcoming Audience Saturation
  5. Overcoming Audience Overlaps
  6. Fixing issues with LAL
  7. Ad Rotation
  8. Multi Placement Technique
  9. Multiplying Results from Performing Ads
  1. What to do when a Performing Ad Stops Performing
  2. What to do when an ad gets disapproved
  3. Getting Business Manager Verified
  4. Maintaining a Healthy Business Manager
  5. Getting FB Partnership, Monthly Invoicing, Reach and Frequency Bidding and More

Module #3 – The Funnel Kit Library

You won’t ever Get Stuck NOW!

With every funnel kit, you get:

  1. Full Funnel Map (Funnelytics)
  2. Landing Page Templates (ClickFunnels – Ready to use)
  3. Landing Page Wireframes
  4. Facebook Ad Swipe Files
  5. Audience Targeting Swipe Files
  6. Email Nurturing Sequences
  7. WhatsApp Messaging Sequence and more.. 

This helps you save time & build your funnel effortlessness across any type of funnel.

The choice of Funnel Kits is here, you can pick any one of them for your use. 

Lead Generation Funnel – Generate, Nurture and Convert Quality Leads to Paying Customers using Lead Funnel

E Commerce Funnel – Branding to sales, the entire journey covered in this full-funnel profitable eCommerce selling funnel kit

Coaching Funnel – Turn your expertise into a coaching product and help people grow using this coaching funnel.

Workshop Funnel – Run automated or live workshops to sell your digital products, skills or training.

Course Funnel – Productize your knowledge and experience to a course and sell it to your audience

Digital Product Funnel – Sell any digital product effortlessly by implementing a funnel.

SaaS Funnel – Generate demand, showcase your product, get early adopters and turn them into customers.

App Install Funnel – Reach the mobile audience, get app installs, engage them well and monetize or sell your products.

High Ticket B2B Funnel – Get the top 1% of your target audience with an authority marketing funnel, the high ticket B2B Model.

Live Q&A Sessions

The best part of the PFFF is the live classes, where you meet other participants, listen to their challenges and wins, ask questions and get your answers live. Through a series of 10 Live Sessions, let’s take on everything that comes between you and your profit!

Demonstration of Key Concepts

Discussing Case Studies

Mini Hot-seats

Answer to previously asked questions

Live Q&A (till we run out of questions on that topic! Huh!)

Workshop Starts On : 12th June 2022


Excited? Wait There’s More

By enrolling today you’ll also get access to the bonuses worth INR 20,800 for FREE

Bonus #1

Techniques And Tactics

[List Price Rs. 9,000/-] For Free

How To Create And Establish Your Brand

Persuasion Skills

How To Increase Visitors To Your Funnels

How To Have A Constant Flow Of Leads

How To Sell Without Selling

Presentation Skills

Discover The Process To Profit

How To Sell A High Ticket Products

Bonus #2

Digital Marketing Tool Kit

Not Sold Separately, Priceless

20+ Free Tools

Useful Resources and Blogs

List of Essential Tools For Better Marketing

How To Sell A High Ticket Products

Bonus #3

Full Funnel Marketing Training

[List Price Rs.11,800/-] For Free

Why do you need a funnel? Types of funnel and objective

Content Funnel

Facebook Funnel

Automation Funnel (Email and Chatbot)

Google Funnel

Cross-Linking Different Funnels

How to maximize profit with full-funnel marketing?

Some more of our happy students

Certificate Of Completion

Get a certificate of completion after going through the entire workshop

Workshop Starts On : 12th June 2022


Meet Your Trainer



Technopreneur & Smarketer

Training was not in my mind until I got an invitation from IIM, Jammu to train the students on Social Media Marketing, I absolutely loved it. And thus the journey as a trainer started.

While wondering what do I train that makes an impact on the lives of the people, I stumbled upon two things,

– it’s the profit that keeps a business going
– everything has to be systematic & funnelled. 

Founder and CEO, Buzet (Facebook Marketing Partner & Google Marketing Partner Agency) | Founder and CEO , CosmoQuest | Founder, Profit Funnel University |  Guest Lecturer in Digital Marketing, IIM Jammu

Teaching is learning every day ” and I love doing this

Hence, founded the Profit Funnel University where practitioners like me can help and support business owners and marketers to make better and more profitable marketing campaigns.

My constant endeavour is to share my success and failure with you through my workshops and live sessions. I thoroughly enjoy the process of interacting, discussing problems, solving them, and sharing my winning secrets and hacks with my participants.

Replicate my success and avoid my failures. That’s my motto to share.

It is my commitment to bring value, every time we meet.

Committed to your Profit.

Teaching Is Learning every day, Whether In Workshops, Corporate Training Or Online Events. I Love Doing Them!

Business Owners, Marketers, Freelancers, Agency Owners are Part of the Profit Funnel University.
Inviting you to be a part of this profit focused community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Starts On : 12th June 2022
intro Session Time : 4:00 PM to 6:00PM (IST)
(Recording Of The Live Workshop Will Be Available In Members Area)

Yes! This is a proven framework which has worked for the participants, our agency owners who are in to both B2B and B2C

Not at all. It is for everyone who is digitally aware.

It is a 4 Weeks Workshop, with 10 live classes with a duration of one plus hours each. 

No problem! Shoot me all your questions by sending a WhatsApp by clicking here  & I would be more than happy to answer them


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The 2nd batch starts on 12th June 2022


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