In 5 Days, We’ll Build a “Profitable Facebook Funnel” That Generates Leads and Customers From Scratch

5- days - Build your Funnel Challenge

Are you struggling to launch your First Facebook Funnel?

Are you someone who has all the courses and videos but still procrastinating?

Are you an action-taker or a daydreamer?

Discover the exact step-by-step method to launch your first funnel in 5 days.

Saturday - 7:00 onwards

Can Your Marketing Funnel Scale To Cold Media?

(If not, I have good news…read on…)

What do you Learn in the Bootcamp?

Why Facebook Ads are not profitable always?


Why Do You Need A Funnel?


The 10 Leakages in your funnel

How to Fix the leakages?

How to Make your Funnel Profitable

How to Make your Funnel Profitable?

How to have Constant and Predictable Profit

How to have Constant and Predictable Profit?


The Funnel-BLAST Method

Questions and Answers

QnA Session

Get your queries resolved in the LIVE SESSION itself

Join TODAY And Get Access to the “PROFITABLE FULL FUNNEL MARKETING BOOT CAMP” [Worth Rs 999/-] for FREE.

The 'Facebook Full Funnel Marketing' Training is for you if...

When You attend This Bootcamp

You Receive A ‘Certificate Of Completion’ Signed And Addressed Personally By Me, Your Guide And Mentor – Shibaram Mishra

Upskill, Add And Share This Certificate With Your Resume/ CV Or On Your LinkedIn Profile.

Hey! it's


 I build Profitable Funnels for myself and my clients (agency).

I have been doing workshops for Business Owners on how to build profitable funnels and have trained 450 business owners till now.

Profit Funnel University is a place where you can learn how to build profitable funnels for your business and I Invite you to take your first step towards constant and predictable profit. 

Do attend the boot camp and I promise you, it will be worth your time investment.

See Ya!

Founder, Profit Funnel

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Saturday – 7:00 To 9:00 PM ​


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